Oral Health

OregaCARE Swirl and Swallow (236 ml)

  • Supports the health of teeth and gums


  • OregaCARE Swirl & Swallowcontains springwater, wild mint essence, oreganol P73 juice, essence of bay leaf, essence of wild sage, organic stevia, chlorophyll.


  • OregaCARE Swirl & Swallowis the only edible oral cleanser that provides the power of P73 oregano. Now you can promote the health of teeth and gums without the use of harmful substances like fluoride and other chemicals.

    Plus, it helps the whole body.


As a mouth cleanser and body tonic, it’s good for your health and saves you money. OregaCARE Swirl & Swallow is one component of a family of products that supports the teeth, gums and breath with oral spice therapy.

OregaCARE Swirl & Swallow is ideal for use with OregaFRESH P73 toothpaste and OregaSMILE oral health system.

Price: 12 EUR

Orega Fresh Toothpaste


OregaFRESH – 3.4 OZ / 96 g


  • OregaFRESH tooth paste is the only natural fluoride-free toothpaste available infused with the antiseptic power of P73 oregano, one of the most potent antioxidants known. Brushing daily with OregaFRESH helps reduce dental plaque, freshens breath, and promotes optimal oral health without the use of harsh or dangerous ingredients like dyes, glycol, parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate. Even glycerin in dental products may cause the gums to soften and bleed.
  • OregaFRESH is one of a family of products that benefit the entire mouth with oral spice therapy.
  • Ingredients: mountain spring water, calcium carbonate, pepermint, spearmint, extra virgin olive oil, wild oregano oil P73, sage, rhatany root, geranium, clove bud oil, birch tree extract, eucalyptus leaf oil, papaya extract.

Ideal for use with:

  • sensitive teeth,
  • canker sores,
  • bad breath,
  • baby teething,
  • pets,
  • sore gums,
  • dentures,
  • children


Directions: Brush thoroughly after each meal or at least twice a day or as directed by a dentist or physician.

Price: 14 EUR