Ashadrene (60 caps)




Certified organic Ashwagandha extract fortified with royal jelly

Ashadrene is the only certified organic ashwagandha root extract available. Potent to the extreme, it provides powerful support for healthy adrenal gland function, while also combating stress. Fortified with triple strength, undiluted royal jelly, it’s ideal for supporting the natural coping mechanism. The main arena of ashwagandha’s actions is to boost energy and a healthy anti-stress response. Both ashwagandha and royal jelly are rich in biologically active sterols, the root resin containing anolides, which support a healthy antiinflamatory response, while also blocking excessive blood vessel formation, known as an anti-angiogenesis response. Plus, Ashadrene is certified organic and it is a concentrated resin extract, not just ground up roots. The steroids and other ingredients in Ashadrene are in the whole food form, which means they are highly bioavailable. That’s why it’s so potent for a healthy coping response. Plus, the steroids and B vitamins in royal jelly act synergistically with the ashwagandha extract. Take Ashadrene to support overall cell energy, stamina, and physical strength. That’s the power of healthy adrenal gland support. Available as 500 mg gelcaps and sublingual drops. Ideally, take with other Aryuvedic complexes such as TurmericPLUS.


  • certified organic ashwagandha root extract

  • unadulterated

  • fortified with 3 X raw royal jelly powder

  • powerful support for a natural energy response

  • supports hormone balance

  • nourishes the adrenal glands

  • great for a healthy fatigue response and stress adaptation

  • potent source of natural steroids knows as withanolides

  • supports overall cellular energy in the body

  • mood boosting

  • our ashwagandha 8X more potent than raw powder alone

  • part of the adaptogenic herb family

  • both calming and energizing for lasting stamina and endurance

  • our ashwagandha is kosher

  • our ashwagandha is water soluble and water extracted for maximum absorption


More about adaptogens: Of the 1000s of healing plants, only a handful have earned a very special place within traditional healing modalities – the adaptogens. They are believed to act as body-system modulators, and promoters of homeostasis (fancy word for biological balance). Rather than taken to treat symptoms, adaptogens are taken daily to fortify the body’s own adaptive resilience to stressors.


Price: 26 EUR

BoneActive (120 capsules)


RAW BoneActive


Bone Health – Natural Source of Calcium


The ultimate bone/joint support formula, Raw BoneActiv is far more potent than calcium or vitamin D alone. This is raw calcium from microcrystalline hydroxyapatite ( MCHC ), derived from grass-fed New Zealand cattle. It is combined with powerful, wild, mountain-grown, calcium-concentrating spices: sage, oregano and rosemary.


Researched for their bone-strengthening effects, MCHC and mountain spice are the subjects of significant scientific studies, demonstrating their novel powers for supporting bone health.


Raw MCHC is far more active biologically than heat-treated alternatives.


Sage, oregano and rosemary grow wild on rock, not on soil, absorbing the minerals. This bioavailable concentration of minerals – calcium, phosphorus, copper and zinc – is essential for building healthy, powerful bones and preventing age-related bone loss.


Bone loss is a major cause of pain and reduction in activity. Lives are significantly altered.

Change this with Raw BoneActiv and stay active all life long.


How to use Raw BoneActiv: take two or more capsules twice daily. May be opened up and added to smoothies. Taking with vinegar, lemon or citrus juice aids in absorption.


Price: 30 EUR

Canacurmin (60-120 capsules)


Canacurmin gelcaps

Whole Food & Raw, Wild Turmeric plus Raw CO2 Hemp Stalk Extract


  • Supports a healthy anti-inflammatory response

  • Supports a whole body nervous system response

  • Joint, muscle, and nerve formula


Canacurmin is the only wild plus raw turmeric-hemp stalk extract available. The hemp stalk extract is certified organic, and the turmeric extract is 100% wild. The turmeric in Canacurmin is highly potent, because it is made exclusively from the wild-growing spice thriving without farming or cultivation. Because it is wild, it is free of all pesticides and herbicides.

Canacurmin is unique, because of the method of processing. Supercritical CO2 extraction is used, which means it is rich in all the naturally occurring compounds found in both hemp stalk and turmeric, including all the naturally occurring polyphenols and terpenes. It also contains turmeric essential oils, known as turmerones, along with terpenes, waxes, and sterols. The turmerones, terpenes, waxes, and sterols are lost in standard turmeric supplements. It also has a high density of turmeric polysaccharides, which have novel, health-giving properties for boosting immunity. As well, it is a dense source of phytocannabinoids, some 80 different forms, which support the CB2 receptor system and work in synergy with the turmeric compounds.

A second extraction utilizes certified organic alcohol, which concentrates the pigments: the curcuminoids, including curcumin. Canacurmin is the only turmeric supplement that uses certified organic alcohol. All others use the commercial grade, which may be tainted with GMOs. Since CO2 extraction is used, all the enzymes are intact, as are the highly active biological molecules, the turmerones, which support cellular function. Other purveyors are not so forthcoming about their extraction processes. Thus, with Canacurmin, there is full and complete transparency.

It is also unique because it contains synergizing spice oils, wild oils of oregano and rosemary, which dramatically increase its potency. Organic-source ginger oleoresin is also added. Along with turmeric and hemp stalk extract, all such spice oils support a healthy inflammatory response and also support the health of the nervous system. Turmeric and ginger also support a healthy digestive response, while hemp stalk extract, through activating CB2 receptors, supports healthy intestinal and digestive function.

Canacurmin is free of all GMOs and no GM substances are used in processing. It is also free of all chemical additives and excipients. Available as mycellized sublingual drops, this offers immediate absorption. It is also available as 500 mg gelcaps in an oil phase, which aids in utilization. Compare this to pressed pills and dried powder isolates, which suffer from poor absorption and utilization.


60 caps - Price: 34 EUR

120 caps - Price: 54 EUR

Black Seed-plus (90 capsules)

Black Seed Plus capsules
  • Supports immunity, cardiovascular response, lung response, parasite cleansing and healthy digestive response

  • Black Seed-Plus contains pulverized black seed plus brown cumin seed, red sour grape powder and Rhus Coriaria ( mountain sumac berry )

  • Black Seed-Plus a true digestive supplement is delicious when added to any food, as well as smoothies. This is the ideal way to gain the full benefit of the seed and more.
Price: 27 EUR


ChagaMax (90 caps)

  • Supports the total health of the body and improves the immune system.
  • Real chaga, the type used in ChagaMax, grows wild on birch trees. With ChagaMax, all the raw materials are from remote sources and are completely wild. In fact, it is so powerful that for many people only one capsule daily is necessary.

  • Wild chaga is a dense source of a wide range of nutrients, including B vitamins, minerals, sterols and enzymes. These sterols are hormone-like and they help the body make its own hormones. There are also the glucans, which boost the immune system or, in fact, normalize it. Plus, there are the wild oregano flavonoids, such as quercitin, which also help regulate immunity. Additionally, wild oregano is a dense source of phenolic compounds, like carvacrol, which are natural antiseptics. Wild oregano, birch bark and chaga are all top sources of natural minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, copper and magnesium, all of which are needed for healthy tissues.
Price: 34 EUR

Inflam-eeZ (90 capsules)

Infla eez capsules
  • Supports the body`s natural inflammatory response, supports the healthy joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

  • Infla-eez is made from the most powerful non-GMO fruit enzymes - bromelain and papain - and potent anti-inflammatory spice extracts: ginger, turmeric, oregano, camu camu and rosemary. Bromelain is got from the pineapple and papain from papaya.  Both enzymes improve digestion and the body`s natural anti-inflammatory response. Camu camu is rich in vitamin C.

  • Infla-eez contains germ-killing spices and flavonoid-rich herbs and spices that support the immune system against the inflammatory process. 
Price: 48 EUR

OregaBiotic (60 capsules)

  • OregaBiotic supports immune system, white blood cell function.

  • OregaBiotic provides a multiple spice synergistic action with oils of wild oregano, bay leaf, cumin and sage. All these herbs have antioxidant and antibacterial protection and support the immune system.

  • Research shows that spice extracts kill germs, including bacteria, molds, yeast and fungi. OregaBiotic is the ideal formula for difficult situations.
Price: 48 EUR

OregaMax (90 capsules)

  • Supports immune, joint, bone and digestive systems.

  • OregaMax contains wild oregano,  plus mountain sumac berry ( Rhus coriaria - this berry is a rich source of anti-allergy flavonoids, particularly malic, tannic and gallic acids. It also provides naturally occurring vitamin C ), organic garlic and organic onion. It is also high in naturally occurring quercetin, a flavonoid that fights allergies. It provides antioxidant and digestive support, as well as natural calcium, zinc, magnesium and phosphorous for healthy bones and joints. 

  • OregaMax supports the body`s immune system against germs and also supports the digestive process. It can be added to salads or sauces to spice up any meal. It is the maximum strength wild oregano herb. Safe for pregnant women and small children.
Price: 28 EUR

Oreganol P-73 Original Strength (60 gelcaps)

Oreganol gel caps
  • Supports the immune system and the defence mechanisms against all germs.

  • Oreganol P73 is the original steam-distilled oil, made from wild, handpicked. Mediterranean oregano that had been researched and tested by Gergetown University and other research facilities.

  • Oreganol P73 can be used topically and internally to support the body`s immune powers against virtually any condition. It is a great germ-killer anywhere.
Price: 28 EUR

Oreganol P-73 Super Strength (60 gelcaps)

Super Strength Oil of Oregano
  • Supports the immune system and the defence mechanisms against all germs.

  • SuperStrength Oreganol P73 is three times more powerful than the original Oreganol P73. It is original steam-distilled oil, made from wild, handpicked. Mediterranean oregano that had been researched and tested by Gergetown University and other research facilities.
  • SuperStrength Oreganol P73 can be used topically and internally to support the body`s immune powers against virtually any condition. It is a great germ-killer anywhere.
Price: 36 EUR
120 Caps Price: 46 EUR

OregaResp (90 capsules)

  • OregaResp supports the respiratory and immune systems.

  • OregaResp is a potent multiple spice extract containing oregano, cumin, sage, cinnamon and ginger. OregaResp capsules are made from super-concentrated dried oils.

  • This composition of herbs boosts the body`s natural defense mechanisms against germs.
Price: 55 EUR

PolarPower (60 capsules)

  • Whole food vitamin A & D source*  Highly absorbable omega-3 fatty acids.
  • PolarPOWER, from wild Alaskan sockey salmon is cold-filtred and unrefined. All other processes used to concentrate omega-3 oils change the overlooked, but important, companion fatty acids. These fatty acids play an important role in helping EPA and DHA work more efficiently in the body. Another added benefit of PolarPOWER, compared to other fish oils is the highly absorbable amount of natural triglyceride-form omegas. Independent research indicates that the triglyceride-form omega-3s in whole salmon ( and PolarPOWER ) are absorbed better than the ethyl ester form omega-3s in standard distilled and deodorized fish oil. Cod liver oil, the primary source of fish oil supplements, needs to be high-heat distilled to remove harmful heavy metal substances.The wild Alaskan sockey salmon used in PolarPOWER does not have high concentrations of heavy metals like most other fish, but to ensure no heavy metals are present, the product is certified by NSF International.

  • PolarPOWER relies on the preservative power of astaxanthin, which naturally occurs through the salmon`s diet of microalgae and phytoplankton. Astaxanthin has many other beneficial properties. Known as a powerful biological antioxidant, it is a carotenoid, giving PolarPOWER a rich, red-orange color. Astaxanthin`s ability to quench free radicals is up to 100 times more powerful than vitamin E. A major fat soluble nutrient, preformed vitamin A, the most absorbable form of vitamin A, is present in significant quantities from PolarPOWER. Also, PolarPOWER contains dense amount of naturally occuring vitamin D. This vitamin is the subject of ongoing research, revealing many benefits. Certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and tested for purity, PolarPOWER is the ideal source of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids, plus wild-source vitamin A & D.
Price: 30 EUR

Purely- Pak 30 ( 30 x 10 caps.) is Purely Food

Nutri Sense
  • Vitamins A, D and F; B vitamins complex; vitamin C; vitamin E


  • PurelyPakcontains the full spectrum of real, whole food vitamins your body needs every day and is the only truly natural, whole food nutritional enhancement system available.


This is 100% whole food vitamins, essential fatty acids, cofactors, bioflavonoids, and powerful antioxidants. This is the only full spectrum vitamin supplement that is non-GMO and free of corn, soy, fillers, binders, and solvents.


Made from the most wholesome ingredients. For example: the rich, natural - source vitamin C in PurelyPak comes from the highest-quality Amazon camu camu berry, acerola cherry, Rhus coriaria, rose hip.


Premium wild sockeye salmon provides the richest non-synthetic source for vitamins A and D plus EPA, DHA and the most complete spectrum of omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and astaxanthin.


Cold-pressed Austrian pumpkin seed oil and cold-pressed red palm oil are the sources of vitamin E, EFAs, niacin, potassium, phytosterols and chlorophyll.


PurelyPak also supplies non-soy, non-GMO vitamin E from the world`s finest sunflower seeds.


PurelyPak has the power of much-needed whole food B vitamins from the finest rice bran and torula yeast. New Zealand grass-fed beef liver supplies additional B vitamins plus B12, vitamin A and D in a pure green chlorophyll capsule.


  • PurelyPak is the ideal addition to every diet. There is nothing synthetic about it, no gimmicks—only the purest wild, raw nature. That’s because the biological activity of these natural vitamins is far higher than the synthetics, which are potentially toxic and essentially dead. Conveniently packaged as a daily serving. For the budget minded or for children, use one half packet daily for a 60 day supply. You will feel the difference.


Price: 96 EUR

Purely-C (90 capsules)

Purely C
  • Supports immune system, gums, skin, arterial walls, veins and general health.

  • Purely-C is the all natural, food-source vitamin C. Purely-C contains extracts of: acerola cherry, rose hips, rhus coriaria and camu camu and is perhaps. The only totally natural source Vitamin C plus flavonoid supplement available on the market. No chemicals of any type are used in its manufacture. For instance, bioflavonoids are often extracted with solvents like hexane and alcohol; our bioflavonoids are from the pure, complete food.

  • Food-source vitamin C is up 97% more absorbable than the synthetic varieties and is easily digested, plus it has a high level of activity, in contrast to the synthetic varieties. It is non-GMO.
Price: 30 EUR

Purely-E (60 capsules)

  • Supports immune system, healthy skin, nails and hair.

  • Purely-E is a soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO and 100% food-sourced vitamin E. North American Herb & Spice searched remote areas of the world to bring you a truly natural product sourced from sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, African red palm oil and wild rosemary. These are all sources of naturally occurring mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols and, when blended together, provide the complete makeup of vitamin E. Along with vitamin E, the African red palm oil provides naturally occurring vitamin A. When derived from colorful plant sources, vitamin A is in the form of powerful antioxidants called provitamin A carotenoids. Alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein are all provitamin A carotenoids, and they all have unique functions.
Price: 28 EUR

Resvital (90 capsules)

  • Supports the circulatory system and veins as well as healthy pancreatic function.

  • Resvital is made from whole red sour grapes, including the seed, stem and skin. It is a rich source of natural grape antioxidants, including resveratrol and proanthocyanidins (0PCs). It also contains natural source potassium, chromium and vitamin C.

  • Resvital also supports optimal function of the heart and arteries. It contains necessary trace minerals for the blood stream. It also helps to reduce cholesterol levels and helps in the prevention of osteoporosis.
Price: 29 EUR

RoyalPower (120 capsules)

Royal Power
  • Supports the adrenal glands for improved strength, physical appearance and energy.

  • Royal Power uses premium-grade royal jelly along with wild rosemary and wild sage, as well as camu camu, to help normalize hormone secretions. This is the only 100% undiluted royal jelly concentrate available. It is a natural source of concentrated B vitamins. Royal jelly is measured in potency by the level of natural steroids (which are totally non-toxic), such as 10-HDA (hydroxydecanoic acid). Royal Power is the highest, at nearly 6,5% 10-HDA.

  • Few people realize how critical royal jelly is; it is the only substance making the difference between the long living queen bee and regular bees. Incredibly, the queen lives 24 times as long as the regular bees, plus she is stronger and sexually potent. This explains why royal jelly is famous for supporting potency and improving hormone balance.  It also explains its ancient use for rejuvenation, for healthier skin and for halting aging.
  • Royal Power supports hormonal balance, energy and alertness. It is also a good source of natural vitamin C.
Price: 34 EUR