about us

“ViVa natura” was established in 2003 in response to the growing interest not only in The Netherlands but also around the world for natural products to improve health and frame of mind and to prevent and combat diseases. We – human beings - become more and more conscious that our health depends on our life- style, so how our health and condition is, it lies with us. Last years we “discovered“ again the NATURE. We discovered not only a beauty of the Nature, but also the power of the Nature. This power gives us: HEALTH, BEAUTY, HAPPINESS and QUALITY. We can notice bigger and bigger movement towards natural forms of therapy and healing and towards the natural prevention.


"ViVa natura" discovered the great, unique and natural products - supplements - of "North American Herb & Spice" Co. and after a few months lasting studies over these products, we decided to bring them to the Benelux, Germany, Denmark and East-European countries and in the future to some other countries.


"North American Herb & Spice" ensures the highest quality. They work only with the wild herbs and spices and which are harvested by hand in the remote wilderness. They are never farmed; no pesticides or herbicides are used. Plus, their wild herbs grow in original virgin soil, still rich in minerals.

"North American Herb & Spice" always ensures that the wild plants are harvested properly and are never overpicked. Many researches prove, that wild herbs are far more powerful than farm raised herbs. Chemical procedures, such as irradiation and fumigation, are never applied. Thus, what YOU RECEIVE is original and pure, just as it occurs in nature.

Many of "NAH&S" herbal formulations are "village formulas", meaning they have been in use for hundreds of thousands of years.


Herbs work best when they are in the most natural state possible and when they are free of man-made pollutants. "NAH&S" is extremely particular about the sources of the herbs and spices to be sure they are in the purest state possible.


At "North American Herbs & Spice" they carefully investigate every product. Their formulas are always their own unique creations. They produce the only researched-tested-guaranteed wild spice extracts. "NAH&S" developed the original safe and edible oil of oregano formula P73, proven by Georgetown University to kill germs, fungi and bacteria. No other oil compares in strength - they guarantee it."ViVa natura" can supply the most of "NAH&S" products to you. If you look to the highest quality products, you desire, we provide them. When it concerns to your body, you deserve the best.


The new group of products, made by "North American Herb & Spice" are Chaga products. More information about Chaga you can find at "ViVa natura" web-site under: "Chaga mushroom" and "New Products". "ViVa natura" can also deliver these Chaga products.